West Webster Cemetery
Corner of Ridge Road and Maple Drive
 Webster, NY 14580
(585) 704-9506


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NameSectionLotGrave No.Date of DeathAgeVeteran(rank, branch)Veteran Of
Abbott, Jean D.New Ground3507/05/194113  
Abercrombie, Eliza J.2nd Section190403/27/189178  
Abercrombie, Jennett Y. 2nd Section190104/04/188163  
Abercrombie, John2nd Section190502/02/189984  
Ackerman, George LewisOld East40507/06/200784  
Ackerman, June W.Old East40502/02/200378  
Adams, Fred J.2nd Section504106/07/196280  
Adams, Fred J.New Ground4309/22/197868  
Adams, Kathleen E.New Ground4304/25/200795  
Adamski, Henry S. New Ground73511/09/1990682nd LT, US Army Air CorpsWWII
Adamski, Mary E.New Ground72512/17/199138  
Adamski, Sophie MarieNew Ground73502/03/201587  
Adkin, Adeline C.Old East8205/20/196787  
Adkin, Anna M.Old East215198979  
Adkin, Chester D.Old East81193256  
Adkin, Chester D.Old East8303/01/198771S/Sgt., US ArmyWWII
Adkin, Eleanor A.Old East8408/04/198977  
Adkin, William F.Old East21406/11/195751Pvt., US ArmyWWII
Ahrens, Christian2nd Section232501/25/1876   
Albiston, Carrie E. (Berg)2nd Section121 1/21193962  
Aldridge, Angeline P. (Cronk)2nd Section143210/20/186644  
Aldridge, Cassius M.Old West1071192074  
Aldridge, Clayton E.2nd Section206503/16/18811  
Aldridge, Curtis ClayOld West112304/24/200393  
Aldridge, Eliza L.Old West1072195395  
Aldridge, Elmer L.2nd Section2061192369  
Aldridge, Everett W.Old West1121193355  
Aldridge, Frances G.Old West112305/31/193525  
Aldridge, Grace S.Old West1122194566  
Aldridge, Jennett A. (Smith)2nd Section352191783  
Aldridge, John B.2nd Section353 7 mos.  
Aldridge, John O.2nd Section143107/26/187250  
Aldridge, Margaret2nd Section4214195678  
Aldridge, Marrietta S. (Crittenden)2nd Section2062191766  
Aldridge, Richard C.Old West112305/21/199348  
Aldridge, Virginia D.Old West112302/28/199185  
Alquist, Anna A.New Ground48209/25/196675  
Alquist, Dorothy Rose (Williams)New Ground54206/15/199672  
Alquist, Harold EdwardNew Ground54101/20/200368SP4, US ArmyKorea
Alquist, John F.New Ground48108/06/195766  
Alquist, John H.New Ground48412/13/197250Sgt., US Army 
Aman, Ann E.New Ground102204/18/200258  
Aman, Joseph FrancesNew Ground102412/30/198776  
Aman, Louise (Kaiser)New Ground102302/26/199681  
Ambrose, Lillie V. (Drake)Old East173194574  
Anceaux, Jan M.2nd Section4111195562  
Anceaux, Mary Brussee2nd Section411209/08/199296  
Anderson, Beverly JeanNew Ground69204/21/197248  
Anderson, Carl Gary2nd Section513411/06/199851SP5, US ArmyVietnam
Anderson, Carl P.2nd Section472305/05/199676  
Anderson, Edward L.New Ground163210/24/200481  
Anderson, Eugenia G.2nd Section472411/18/197555  
Anderson, Katherine2nd Section472504/19/199398  
Anderson, Margaret R.New Ground163212/02/200174  
Anderson, Peter J.2nd Section513103/16/197787  
Andres, Loraine (Killip)New Ground103211/17/198775  
Andres, Wilfred A.New Ground103311/23/200394  
Andrews, Albert D.New Ground7109/11/195680  
Andrews, CarolineOld East491    
Andrews, E. JosephineNew Ground7208/05/197291  
Andrews, Emma A.2nd Section481306/02/196389  
Andrews, HarveyOld West72303/24/18283  
Andrews, JacobOld East492    
Andrews, Kathryn E.2nd Section458 1/24195473  
Andrews, PollyOld West72202/17/182340  
Andrews, WordenOld West721    
Angevine, EstherNew Ground59104/07/197588  
Annas, Eva Mae2nd Section45201/13/195855  
Annas, Stuart2nd Section45111/26/195453  
Annis, T. EugeneOld West1391192072  
Antes, Adalina (Whitbeck)2nd Section1212188835  
Antes, Amelia (Kaler)Old West1402193669  
Antes, Elizabeth2nd Section1214193278  
Antes, Elmer WarrenNew Ground104505/01/198169  
Antes, J. Philip2nd Section601186390  
Antes, John2nd Section603187773  
Antes, Katherina2nd Section602189783  
Antes, Katherine2nd Section1213193078  
Antes, Mary ElizabethNew Ground104405/23/199477  
Antes, MildredOld West140305/24/196559  
Antes, Phillip 2nd Section121105/29/191263  
Antes, WarrenOld West1401194274  
Arnold, Ciara ElizabethNew Ground132103/04/19940  
Atchinson, Benjamin2nd Section71106/08/188086  
Atchinson, Mary2nd Section71308/02/190880  
Atchinson, Rebecca2nd Section71207/10/185763  
Atwater, Claude H.New Ground25301/05/198768  
Atwater, Lucille E.New Ground25406/19/199183  
Atwater, Sarah A. (Thomas)Old East252193274  
Atwater, Willis A.Old East251193782  
Atwell, Florence M. (Froniear)New Ground20410/16/197670  
Augevuil, N. J.6 Ft Aisle73    
Austins, Rev.2nd Section354 1/21